Which facial treatment for my skin?

The face represents the first part of the body in contact with the environment that surrounds each human being. The gaze, as well as the influences of climate and temperature, are constantly posed there. In order to always give the best impression to those around us, it is important to take care of them. But performing an organic facial treatment requires above all to know your skin type. Each person normally remains a unique copy. Fortunately, skin typology is generally found in three main categories, namely normal skin, oily skin and dry skin. By successfully defining your own, you can provide the appropriate treatment.

Maintaining normal skin

Qualified as such, this typology represents the right balance between oily and dry skin. The sebaceous glands function optimally, and the skin reflects health. However, natural facial care should not be neglected. A daily cleansing, a moisturizing mask twice a week and a weekly scrub with good products are enough. You can also consult specialized sites such as centifoliabio.fr to discover the whole range of different products useful for this maintenance ritual.

Taking care of oily skin

This type of facial skin is recognizable by its often-shiny appearance and easily visible pores. Excessive secretion of sebum, a substance that is supposed to retain water to ensure a good hydration rate of the facial skin, is the cause. This overabundance of sebum sometimes causes unpleasant consequences, such as the development of blackheads, blackheads or even acne. Fortunately, an organic facial cream can come to the rescue to straighten the bar and help you heal your skin. Proceed as usual with the appropriate products.

Dry skin treatment

Unlike the previous typology, dry skin suffers from an obvious lack of sebum production. It then appears dull, with relative hypersensitivity. But just like oily skin, treatment of this category of skin remains entirely possible, providing it with the necessary amount of hydration it needs to regain a normal trend. Organic facial care in this sense then clearly consists of providing externally the amount of water, particularly based on moisturizing products, that the skin needs to regain a normal appearance.
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