10 professional tips to keep your lash extensions longer

The application of eyelash extensions is becoming more and more attractive to us. Aesthetic and practical, it is easy to succumb to. However, it requires rigorous maintenance to ensure that they last as long as possible. You can misencil.com/ if you are interested in learning more about eyelash extension training. Who has never dreamed of having longer, darker and fuller lashes? Today, it's possible thanks to eyelash extensions, and it's really magical. So how can we keep them as long as possible?

A tailor-made interview

The extensions placed (and we confirm it to you it does not hurt) it is now necessary to take care of them every day. Because even if the effect is very natural, the fact of having false eyelashes is not really natural! A small brush is used daily to untangle them and remove dust. Eyes are gently removed with a non-greasy product to keep them as long as possible. The extensions will gradually fall off and on an irregular basis, so it is possible to go back to an institute to make minor alterations. The good news is that a touch-up is cheaper than if we had to start over!

Actions to forget

Using eyelash extensions has many advantages, such as the fact that you no longer need mascara while still having a deer's eye when you wake up. However, there are some actions to be deleted. No rubbing your eyes. Yes, if you don't want to lose your extensions after a few days, you should avoid touching your extensions too much, especially with your fingers. We must also avoid putting water on our eyes during the first 24 hours after the exposure: say goodbye to the dramatic film on Netflix. We avoid as much as possible water vapour for a week, because it will cause the glue to soften, which fixes our false eyelashes. We no longer use eyelash curlers because it is no longer necessary and above all, it breaks the lashes and therefore the extensions. It is also recommended not to apply eye make-up with eyeliner or black pencil as the residue will weigh on your extensions. But if you do, don't remove your make-up with a two-phase make-up remover or oil: the glue on your extensions may no longer hold and dissolve because of the oil, and your false eyelashes may fall off at the same time... If you follow these tips well, you can keep your extensions for at least 4 weeks. No need to stay in the bathroom for hours to get deer eyes, they will never leave you again!

How do I apply eyelash extensions?

All you have to do is make an appointment with a beautician offering this service (there are more and more of them) and block a slot of about an hour in your agenda. Eyelash extensions hold thanks to surgical glue originally designed for eye surgeons. It is totally safe and invisible. The principle is simple: the specialist sticks, one by one, a synthetic eyelash on each natural eyelash.  In the editorial office, we tested and approved.
How to make your lash extensions last?
How to have longer lashes?

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