How to have longer lashes?

You feel you've been wronged by Mother Nature and you want compensation? Obviously, we don't know the miracle solution that would allow you to wake up one morning with Eva Longoria's eyelashes... But since we are not the only ones suffering from this disease, beauty experts have looked at this mini-complex and devised alternatives and products with attractive promises. Because certainly, eyelash extensions (like those who exist at for instance) and false eyelashes make you dream, but what you really want are longer lashes and without (so many) artifices.

Adopt a basis

As with the complexion, there are bases for eyelashes. Usually white or black in colour, it is applied to the lashes before mascara and allows you to gain a few millimetres (and also a little thickness). Some are combined with fortifying properties: that's always the price!

Choosing the right mascara

When it comes to mascara, you have to establish your priorities and choose your side. If your goal is to have longer lashes, forget the "volume" mascaras. And head instead for elongated mascara!

Feeding your eyelashes

Some foods promote hair growth. No scientific study has yet validated this theory, but we put all the chances on our side by swallowing foods that could boost our eyelashes: we fill up with vitamin C, vitamin E and calcium. Of course there are also food supplements for this purpose.

Optimize make-up removal

Eyelashes are a bit like skin: to enjoy all the benefits of its cosmetics, make-up removal is almost as important as make-up. So we take care to remove any residue... without pulling too much on the eyelashes and wrinkle the eyelid! The ideal is to choose a 2-in-1 makeup remover that will clean and moisturize your lashes in a single step. Coconut oil is a good option.

Invest in a serum

The serum; It is a bit like night cream. It is applied to the lashes just before going to bed and left to work all night. Serums - like fortifiers - first designed to repair eyelashes can boost the health of eyelashes, and, a fortiori, promote their growth. The star ingredients of this treatment are shea butter, and castor oil.
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