The range of care products for black and mixed skin

Contrary to popular belief, dark skins are very fragile. On the one hand, they are adapted to the hot climate and do not tolerate well the temperate and humid climate. If they are too exposed to the cold, they become dehydrated and are prone to hyper-pigmentation. They lose their shine and reveal imperfections.

What are the characteristics of dark skin?

Darker skin is thicker and oily than lighter skin. They have the specificity of having a very high melanin content, whose role is to protect the skin from the sun's rays. This is the main reason why dark skins are adapted to the hot climate and are much less tolerant of the temperate, cold and humid climate. When exposed to an unfavourable climate, dark skins dehydrate and dry out quickly. They become dull and excessively sensitive. They tend to suffer more skin imperfections than fair skin. Hyper-pigmentation results in the appearance of unsightly spots. A complete range of skin care products has been specially designed for black skin, click here to learn more.

What are the solutions to fight against the skin dryness of dark skins?

Skin dryness is the main enemy of dark skins even though they are oily! The golden rule is hydration. Dark and matt skins must be hydrated every day to prevent them from becoming dull and greyish. A good cleansing is essential every morning before applying a moisturizing cream specific to this type of skin to provide it with nutrition and comfort. To reduce excess sebum and stop the shiny appearance of the skin, a mattifying cream will be just as effective. In the evening, make-up removal is a crucial step in getting rid of all impurities before applying a moisturizer for the night. Soap should be banned as it is considered too irritating for dry skin, as well as scrubs that could increase skin dryness.

What care is needed to obtain perfect skin?

Perfect skin is healthy and unified skin. Unfortunately, dark and matt skins are victims of hyper-pigmentation. The slightest acne blemish, insect bites, prolonged exposure to the sun without protection or a hormonal reaction leave scars that turn into unsightly brown spots. To even out the complexion and achieve perfect skin, it is essential to exfoliate your skin at least once a week and apply creams or serums every day that gently remove dead skin cells. The complexion will be more even and will keep all its radiance. Although darker skin is thicker and more heat-resistant than light skin, it is no less sensitive and vulnerable to the harmful effects of UV rays. They also need effective sun protection, otherwise this would promote the development of dark hyper-pigmentation spots and the premature appearance of wrinkles. This would be a pity when you know that dark skins do not age before 50 years, much more preserved by melanin than white skins. Good hydration, appropriate care and protection are the key actions for dark and mixed skin tones.
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