A method that respects the health of your lashes!

With lash extensions, it is possible to create a multitude of different looks, from very natural lashes to extravagant eyes enhanced by long, voluminous lashes. We can do a classic eyelash application, or a Russian volume application for even more extensive eyelashes. Eyelash extensions are soft, comfortable and water-repellent, but above all safe for your natural lashes. You can visit misencil.com/ for more about eyelash extensions products. An analysis of your natural eyelashes is done before the application and the application of the extensions is done eyelash by eyelash in order to respect your natural eyelashes. The extensions used are synthetic and hypoallergenic, meaning that the products do not contain any chemical additives or animal materials, and are laboratory tested and approved by Health Canada. Eyelash extensions are permanent, but in order to keep your deer eyes, a touch-up is necessary every 3 to 4 weeks. To do this, there are technicians with standards that exceed industry standards. This technique has been approved for many years and allows you to have extensions without damaging the natural lash. After identifying the density of your lashes, we choose the appropriate type of eyelash application and extension for you. They personalize your look by choosing the length, thickness and colour that suits your face and lifestyle. There is an inventory of more than 110 types of eyelash extensions is available to technicians, not to mention a wide range of colours to satisfy all tastes.

The ''eyelash by eyelash'' method

Despite the popularity of this technique, too many technicians still do not respect the rules of the art when installing extensions. The natural eyelash has a maximum of heaviness that it is able to support. If this maximum is reached, the lash will suffer damage that could be irreversible. It is therefore essential to respect the rules. Our Values being based on professionalism and rigour, we offer our technicians the best training in the field of eyelash extensions. All our technicians use the eyelash by eyelash method. This ensures that your technician will respect the quality of your natural lashes.

What about 3D technology in all this?

The 3D method is a new trend in aesthetics. The technique consists of applying 2 to 3 extensions to the same natural eyelash. Attention, the rule of maximum weight is always respected by the technicians. It is then important to understand that the technician will use 3 very fine extensions to give the desired volume effect without weighing down. The ''eyelash by eyelash'' principle continues to be used since each natural eyelash is carefully insulated to give a natural volume effect. The extensions are made of high quality fibres.  Beware of imitations and poor quality! We also provide a medical grade glue to offer you the quality you expect and thus have a beautiful long-lasting installation. Enhance your look without mascara... Whether by day or by night, eyelash extensions allow you to have a dazzling look. You can then choose with your technician the desired effect. For a natural or more glamorous effect, eyelash extensions will enhance your look.
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