Eyelash extensions vs. false eyelashes

Do you dream of a deer look, glamorous eyelash beats? The solution is to rely on artifice. If you can choose eyelash enhancement to gently boost a generous genetic capital, false eyelashes and extensions promise an even more charred look by enhancing natural eyelashes. With the help of the professionals, we weigh the positive and negative points to help you choose the technique that best suits you.

The application

Have you ever tried to apply false eyelashes? All you have to do is go to YouTube and count the videos entitled "how to apply false eyelashes" to realize how difficult it is to manoeuvre. So obviously, it's not impossible, but it's a hit to be taken. Once you master it only takes a few minutes. Alternatively, you can have false eyelashes applied by a beautician (or a friend who is good at it). Finally, we are not immune to making an allergy to glue, so we prefer a special "sensitive eyes", we must use clean equipment... and we forget if we are prone to allergies! For eyelash extensions, the application is completely different. It is carried out in the institute by professionals who stick the artificial eyelashes one by one to the natural eyelashes. And since there are on average 200 eyelashes on each eye, it takes time (and you can feel it on the price side too!). About 1h30, during which we lie down, eyelids closed, while the professional pampers our eyes. This pose is painless. You can find further more information about eyelash extension at https://misencil.com/. Verdict: Despite all the best will in the world, succeeding in putting false eyelashes is far from being given to everyone.

The comfort

The problem once you have (finally) succeeded in applying false eyelashes is that you are always afraid that they will come off. And when that happens (at least once out of two, let's say) we just have to go and do a touch-up to keep our eyes sparkling. With lash extensions, on the other hand, if we follow the recommendations (no grease to avoid removing the glue) we are quiet for a while. Verdict: here too, the advantage of eyelash extensions.

The outfit

Count one evening (or 2, maximum) for extensions compared to at least 3 weeks for lash extensions. By following the recommendations well, we can even hope to make our extensions last even longer. The verdict in favour of extensions is final.

The price

For a traditional eyelash extension application, count 199 € (and 299 € for the Russian volume). As for false eyelashes, you can find them at all prices (€4.99 at H&M, €9.99 at Sephora etc...)... But count €10 in general.

False eyelashes vs. extensions: our verdict

Application, comfort, holds eyelash extensions win the duel with ease. On the price side, unless you wear false eyelashes daily, extensions are more expensive. Our advice: Choose false eyelashes for an evening or a special occasion, for an exceptional event, a week's vacation or more: they will save you time and ensure you a wow look for days and days!
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