The beneficial effects of organic farming on health

The consumption of organic products is booming, especially for fruit, vegetables, cereals, dairy products and meat. Organic food can be identified by the label printed on the packaging. Consuming organic food allows you to enjoy quality products without chemical additives and preservatives. Organic foods are highly appreciated by consumers who prefer them to other products even if they are more expensive. According to a recent study, organic foods are nutritionally richer and qualitatively much better than conventional products. If we take fruit and vegetables as an example, we can see that organic products contain more antioxidants (up to 69% more) than foods from processed crops. Today, the importance of antioxidants in the diet is well established because they help to delay cell aging and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, neurodegeneration or even certain forms of cancer. More and more people are making the choice to eat organic because these foods are much healthier. Contamination of food products with heavy metals leads to a high concentration of harmful substances in the body. For example, nitrates, nitrogen or cadmium, whose toxicity has been proven for many years. Organic farming makes it possible to eat food containing less pesticide and fungicide residues, without GMOs and without antibiotics of any kind. By consuming organic food, vitamins and minerals are preserved. Organic fruits and vegetables are harvested when they reach maturity and their antioxidant and vitamin C levels are therefore much higher. Meat from organic farming is healthy because animals live in the open air unlike those from intensive farming methods. Eating organic is the assurance of eating better and healthier quality food. Distribution channels for organic food are also shorter and the risk of eating harmful substances is reduced. Organic foods such as fruits, vegetables and meats are produced in the local market and not in a foreign country where food regulations are less stringent. It is important to eat as much organic food as possible, preferably locally produced and seasonal, because this is how you can benefit from a healthy and natural diet.
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