Selena Gomez’s Beauty Secrets

The beauty of the hostess and actress Selena Gomez is the envy of many people around the world. The muse of the hair care brand Pantene makes you dream for the beauty of her hair, the perfection of her star make-up. The Mexican actress recently revealed some of her beauty secrets to the public. Knowing Selena Gomez's beauty secrets seemed impossible, but recently she has revealed some of her previously well-kept beauty secrets. The actress started by revealing that her beautiful brunette hair was the result of hair extensions. But everything else is natural and Selena has never used cosmetic surgery to perfect herself. Pantene's muse also announced that she was using Selenax Pantene and Strong Is Beautiful products to give her hair that silky look and beautiful volume. So, here are some beauty secrets about Selena Gomez that will allow some women to treat themselves to hair like that of the delicious brunette. Selena Gomez also said that she attaches great importance to body care and that she also ensures that toxins are regularly eliminated and that she is well hydrated. The star is an adept of a sweating method that can be compared to the effects of a seat belt, but which applies to the whole body. Indeed, she regularly uses what is called in English a "sweat bed", in other words a kind of bed to sweat as much as possible in order to eliminate toxins, cleanse and tighten the epidermis. The singer says that this technique, which involves extreme sweating, keeps her in top shape both physically and mentally.  These are 45-minute sweat sessions after which you do not immediately go to the shower in order to preserve the collagen proteins that naturally compose sweat. Selena Gomez is a follower of this method comparable to the virtues of the sauna. Giving yourself a star make-up like Selena Gomez is the fantasy of many brunettes. The make-up of the Pantène muse is subtle and allows her to always display a bright and perfect face combined with a beautiful lip gloss in pale tones. On the internet you will easily find tutorials to give you make-up tips to copy this rather simple make-up from Selena Gomez. To your brushes!
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