Frequently asked questions about eyelash extensions

Are eyelash extensions safe?

It is very important to use a high quality adhesive and to ensure that the technicians who provide the service are properly trained and certified. Eyelash extensions and glue never come into contact with the skin since the extensions are glued about 1 mm from the eyelid. Check for more information about eyelash extension training. A well done installation is totally safe! This is why it is important to choose the right technician....

How long do extensions last?

The eyelash extensions will be glued one by one to your lashes. Once glued, the extensions remain in place the entire eyelash cycle, i.e. up to 3 months. Touch-ups will have to be done to maintain the density of the installation. We suggest touch-ups every 3 weeks. This way you can keep your beautiful look and maintain the effect.

How to maintain them?

The maintenance of eyelash extensions is really easy. Within 48 hours of applying the extension to your natural lash, special care is required to avoid any contact of the lashes with water or any liquid that would slow down the polymerization of the glue. This will allow you to have a long-lasting installation, preventing the extensions from taking off early.   At all times, any grease should be avoided on your extensions. It is therefore recommended to use daily care products such as an oil-free and fat-free makeup remover. When you apply eyelash extensions, your technician will give you a brush to replace the lashes if necessary. A complete range of care products is available to protect and clean your extensions.

Can I wear mascara?

We have mascara made specifically for eyelash extensions. Without oil and fat, this mascara does not affect the longevity of your extensions.

It gives an even more pronounced volume effect!

On the other hand, any waterproof mascara or any type of "tube" or "lash lengthening" mascara is not recommended for your extensions. Indeed, this type of mascara coats the natural lash and extension and is very difficult, if not impossible to remove without leaving residues.

How do I remove my makeup?

It is very important to clean your lashes even if you never wear makeup. Residues, dust and natural fat from the skin can lodge at the base of your eyelashes and create infections such as conjunctivitis or blepharitis. Good lash hygiene will allow you to keep your extensions much longer while avoiding the proliferation of demodex. These small mites feed on the dirt at the base of your lashes. To avoid their proliferation, it is important to clean your lashes daily with a oil and fat-free make-up remover as specially formulated for you in our product range of care.

What is the difference between eyelash by eyelash and 3D?

The eyelash by eyelash technique is the basic technique that will allow the technician to master the basics of eyelash extensions. The technician will learn to properly place these extensions in order to put only one extension on a single natural eyelash. No other natural eyelashes and/or extensions should be glued. The "3D or Russian volume" technique is a technique in order to offer the customer a more voluminous effect. Attention! There are very strict rules to follow in order not to overload the natural lash. During her 3D/Russian volume improvement course, the technician will learn the right ratios to protect the health of natural eyelashes and thus prevent damage to the lashes.
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