Find a specialist in permanent make-up training

In recent years, permanent make-up has been very successful after women. It would therefore be a shame not to offer a type of service within your salon. However, adequate training is required!

Why should you take a permanent make-up training course?

Training in permanent make-up is more than necessary if you plan to make it your profession. Indeed, these specialized courses will allow you to have a total mastery of all dermo pigmentation techniques but also to learn to familiarize yourself with the essential tools. In addition, at the end of the course, you will be able to handle the products with care and precision. It will also avoid beginner's mistakes that could damage your reputation. In short, those who have received good quality training are able to achieve wonders in the field: impeccable make-up that can last for years. In addition, most beauty salons only hire qualified make-up artists. Finally, the training is of short duration and consists of theoretical and practical training. After only a few days, the students will be operational. In any case, if you want to find a job quickly, training is essential. Attention! During the training, the candidate will also learn the rules of hygiene and sanitation for a well-cared for make-up and to limit the risks of infection. If you are looking for a specialized centre, go to

How to choose the right permanent make-up training centre?

To train yourself from A to Z in dermo pigmentation, you must integrate a centre specialized in the area. Moreover, it is better to turn to a well-known and reputable school. Go to the web to collect as much information as possible about the school of your choice: experience, teacher qualifications, quality of service... Then check the duration. Indeed, the formation of permanent make-up can last between 3 and 5 days. But for a perfect mastery of the techniques, rely on a complete program and a centre that offers teaching in small groups for better supervision. Indeed, 6 students per teacher is more than enough. If you need private training, only a few centres offer this type of service. Also, ask about the type of equipment used. Manual dermo graphs, for example, are less accurate than electric dermo graphs. But the ideal would be to learn to master these two tools. Finally, compare the price. There may be a significant difference from one centre to another.

Permanent make-up: how does the training work?

Admittedly, the cost of training may vary from one institution to another. Similarly, it may or may not include the necessary equipment. This is therefore a point to be followed more closely. Why? Why? Because you must plan an additional investment for the acquisition of a dermo graph for the practice if it is not included in the cost of the training. If you plan to buy your own equipment, choose top-of-the-range models. They can last a long time and the result is better. Seek professional advice if you have any doubts. In any case, if you are still a beginner, choose equipment that is easy to handle. If you choose a complete module, the training will take place in 5 days, 2 days for theory and 3 days for practice. The objective is to allow you to master the 6 fundamental techniques to be applied to the eyebrows, lips and eyes. If you have completed the basic training, you can then move on to advanced or specialized training (permanent eyebrow, breast makeup, etc.). But in this case, you will need more sophisticated equipment, with more options.
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