Why choose permanent eyebrow make-up?

Waking up with a rested complexion and deer eyes is every woman's dream. To achieve this, beauty experts now offer permanent make-up. What is this and are there risks? Find out all about this new trend in this article.

What is permanent eyebrow makeup?

The challenge of permanent make-up meets women's need to remain beautiful and presentable, as soon as they get out of bed, just like movie scenes. With permanent make-up, it is now accessible to all women to catch up on fiction by waking up without the need for an eyeliner or lip liner and mascara. This technique is like tattooing and consists of injecting pigments under the upper layer of the epidermis. Nevertheless, these pigments are very specific to avoid causing skin damage. Indeed, these pigments must be 100% natural. They are also subject to very strict regulations. But the needle used is different from the tattoo. For permanent make-up, it is shallower and does not penetrate the deep dermis. Thus, the colour gradually fades over time. Eyebrow makeup usually disappears after 2 to 5 years, as shown on the website http://www.maud-maquillage-permanent.com/ The lifespan of make-up will be even shorter in case of strong exposure to the sun. However, you can touch up every year to revive the pigmentation.

How does a permanent eyebrow make-up session work?

Eyebrow makeup, also called eyebrow tattooing, begins with the choice of pigmentation. This is the colour you want to get for your eyebrows. When making this choice, it is imperative that the complexion be considered, for the most natural result possible. The session lasts on average 3 hours. It begins by drawing the eyebrow line to avoid possible overflows. It should be noted that the shape of the line must consider the shape of the face. For round faces, it is advisable to choose an arched eyebrow. The arch is slightly accentuated for those with a wider face. Depending on your sensitivity level, a cream can be applied to your eyebrows to reduce tingling. Afterwards, eyebrow pigmentation is applied using a specific machine, like a tattoo machine. This is a shallow eyebrow dermo pigmentation, which explains why the result is not definitive. Each eyebrow micropigmentation is gradually placed under the epidermis until the desired volume is obtained. Permanent eyebrow make-up requires very strict know-how and hygiene. Therefore, it is preferable to do it with a dermatologist or a specialized beautician.

The advantages of permanent eyebrow make-up

Since it is permanent, this makeup saves you time by preparing in the morning. No need to apply X types of product and redo everything the next day. With permanent eyebrow makeup, you will have deer eyes for at least 2 years. In general, this make-up is suitable for all skin types and is also waterproof. The permanent make-up of the eyebrows is made to measure, which means that your morphology and complexion are considered. All this is noted by the professional, which guarantees you a personalized result. A beautiful eyebrow line is a considerable asset for the beauty of the face and its expression. Well structured, it brings character and dimension to the whole face. Permanent eyebrow make-up is also very easy to maintain. All you must do is avoid scratching or erasing the area. It is also important to avoid wetting and applying make-up during at least one session after the make-up.
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