All you need to know about eyelash extensions

Who has never dreamed of succumbing to the sirens of eyelash extensions? The promise: XXL lashes, blacker and more elegant. Visit for more about eyelash extensions.

Before applying lash extensions: are there any contraindications?

Very few, unless you have an eye disease (glaucoma...) or have recently undergone surgery - in the second case, the specialist will need the surgeon's agreement - anyone is eligible for eyelash extensions. On the day of installation, lens wearers are advised to remove them at least 2 hours in advance.

Shapes, colours: what is the choice?

The purpose of eyelash extension is to accentuate them. For this reason, the extensions chosen are generally black (but there are also coloured eyelashes for a more original effect). But don't panic if you have light eyelashes: there are several types of poses that allow you to achieve a wide range of effects, from the most natural to the most sophisticated! You can also choose whether you want to favour length or curvature. Finally, the final result depends on the nature of the lashes. As an extension is applied to each lash, the more lashes you have, the denser the result will be. On the other hand, if you have very short lashes, an extension that is too long or too curved is not recommended because it would not last long. In any case, it is better to rely on the advice of specialists.

How long do extensions last?

They are not eternal. And that's good! Like all human body hair, eyelashes have a life cycle and are renewed every 4 to 6 weeks. Each extension is placed on a natural eyelash, so the life span of the extensions is the same. As with permanent make-up, you can regularly make an appointment to retouch the extensions. However, to make your extensions last as long as possible, you must take care of them.

How is the installation going?

The specialist adds an extension of hypoallergenic synthetic fibres to each lash, 1 to 1, using a first pair of pliers to isolate the natural lash and, using a second pair of pliers, to deposit the synthetic lash after soaking it in the glue.

Is the placement of extensions painful?

No. After carefully cleaning the eye, the specialist applies patches that help keep the eyes closed. She then proceeds carefully and you can guess her progress on the eyelid without feeling any pain. And to be sure, we even tested an eyelash extension application.

Does extensions damage lash?

No. The method consists of applying a synthetic eyelash to the natural eyelash. To do this, it is necessary that the eyelash is strong and healthy so that the extension lasts as long as possible. Better still, by using the recommended serums and treatments; you can heal your extensions by strengthening your eyelashes.

Do you need to change your beauty routine?

A little, after applying eyelash extensions, it is better to avoid creamy and oily cosmetics, which could peel off extension and eyelashes. Bye bye cream and make-up remover milk. We prefer micellar waters or specific cosmetics. The big difference, however, is in make-up. Unless you really want to focus on lashes for a special occasion, you don't need mascara!

Do the extensions support beach and pool?

Yes, there is no question of not taking advantage of it, but it is better to take care of the care of your lashes and extensions to prolong their life as much as possible!
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