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Today, there are more and more organic and natural cosmetics and make-up products. It is not always easy to see and understand whether their composition reflects what they say on the packaging. Organic make-up is in vogue and you should read carefully before buying one. A natural make-up product must in principle be 100% composed of components of natural origin. The manufacturer is committed to offering a quality, natural and ecological product. Very often you will notice that the make-up product is only 97% natural and not 100% natural. A natural make-up cosmetic must be made from a vegetable, animal or mineral material and must not contain any chemical additives. The synthetic cosmetic product is the opposite of the natural product because it is the result of a creation made in the laboratory by chemists. It contains emulsifiers, preservatives, perfumes and all kinds of other synthetic components, i.e. unnatural. More and more women are looking for organic cosmetics, whether they are skin and hair care creams or make-up products. When buying a natural make-up product, you should first check that it contains between 95 and 100% of natural ingredients. The ingredients must be from organic farming. The shorter the list of components, the more likely you will be dealing with a natural and ecological organic product. Several quality labels make it possible to quickly identify organic cosmetics that do not contain any substances harmful to health, such as paraben, phenoxyethanol or synthetic dyes. Organic make-up products must also have been manufactured using environmentally friendly manufacturing methods. Natural make-up is made from 100% natural products such as vegetable waxes, mineral, vegetable or essential oils. The dyes used come from natural organic or mineral products. All ingredients must be from organic farming. Today organic make-up is more affordable than it was at the beginning and it is possible to find quality products at more or less high prices. The organic range offers more and more choices. By using organic make-up products, allergies are also avoided. Indeed, these cosmetics are well tolerated, provide 100% natural hydration and are ideal for make-up.
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