Permanent make-up: How to choose the right service provider?

Permanent make-up, better known as dermo-pigmentation or semi-permanent make-up, is a new technique that has been attracting more and more women recently. But how does it work?  And how to choose your institute?

What are the areas of application of permanent make-up?

Permanent make-up is a technique that lasts on average 3 years. The method consists of introducing pigments into the epidermis using fine needles or monoblocs. The length and size of the material are different. And the range of colours is very varied, being able to harmonize with any skin pigmentation. For those who wish to access professional product lines, click here. A priori, permanent make-up aims to highlight a person's face: rectify the line of an eyebrow: the expert may have to redraw the eyebrow or reconstitute it to enhance the lips: there, he can redraw the contour of the lips and/or revive the colours to accentuate the look: it is a very interesting choice for those who wish to do without make-up in the morning. You have the choice between a more natural look and the most sophisticated However, permanent make-up is also used to correct certain defects, not only on the face but also on some parts of the body: to restructure a skin surface after the occurrence of certain skin diseases to repair the side effects of medical treatment: loss of eyebrows, etc.? to colour the mammary halo after mastectomy

How does a session work?

First, we would like to point out that there are contraindications for dermo pigmentation. Indeed, people with progressive dermatological disease, capillary fragility, keloids as well as patients on anticoagulants and treated with Roaccutane cannot claim permanent make-up.  Similarly, those with ocular sensitivity or ocular pathology cannot undergo eye surgery. A first interview is necessary before the session. This step is essential to know your expectations and to perform the tolerance test. Then, it would be necessary to schedule 2 sessions: one to draw the area to be pigmented and disinfected the surface and the other to redefine the colour (on average after 1 month). A session can last between 30 minutes and 3 hours, depending on the area to be treated. And the application of an anaesthetic cream is necessary for certain sensitive areas such as the lips.

How to choose the right service provider?

Have you decided to go for it? You should now find a beauty salon that will give you a result that meets your expectations. First, know-how is a major element. To do this, the person who will take you in hand must hold a certificate proving that he or she has completed his or her career and completed internships before working in the trade. That's a good start. Secondly, experience is a guarantee of efficiency. Yes, the number of clients already treated says a lot about the beautician's experience. Also, try to consider the opinions of others. In this way, take the time to read the comments about the show in the forums, in the social networks and even on its page. You will already have an idea of the quality of its services. For example, on the internet, you will have access to many opinions about Maud permanent make-up. If you are convinced, ask for a first appointment and make an inventory. Hygiene and cleanliness must be impeccable, as it is a rather delicate act. Also, check the permanent make-up equipment. Does the living room use modern and quality equipment? Moreover, consider the human side of the service provider: does he have a sense of listening? Does he have a sense of welcome? Are his proposals in line with your expectations? During this interview, he or she should ask you various questions about your medical history, as well as allergy and intolerance problems. Then he will give you advice on good practices to adopt. Does the current flow? If so, then be sure that the session will be conducted in the best possible conditions.
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