How to eat and choose proteins?

No matter which proteins you choose to use, the objective remains the same: muscle mass gain or body contouring. Proteins are essential for muscle building. They can be found in many foods such as red or white meat, eggs, fish, or vegetables. Also, powdered proteins, which are food supplements made from pure proteins, can be used. They allow you to gain muscle quickly. So, what are proteins used for, what to choose, how to eat them?

Opt for whey

Whey or whey is also called "whey". Indeed, it is a highly filtered protein extract that contains almost no fat or lactose. It can be assimilated very quickly and has become the most coveted protein powder by bodybuilders in the world of bodybuilding. It is ideal for building muscle mass. There are different types of whey available. The concentrate, which contains around 80% protein, the isolate with 90% and the hydrolysate which consists of around 95% protein. What differentiates each type of whey is just the number of calories it contains. But it should be noted that even the whey with the lowest protein concentration contains only 2 and 3% lactose and lipid. If you can't tolerate lactose, it's better to choose whey isolate.

Choose vegetable proteins

Vegetable protein powder can also be found in stores. These are vegetable proteins that are totally vegan. Sometimes it is made of rice and peas. There are even brands that add coconut, hemp or artichoke protein. Unlike animal proteins, which are rich in amino acids, vegetable proteins have a lower nutritional value. In addition, they do not contain all amino acids. For this reason, they should be mixed with 1 or 2 sources of legumes or cereals. Thanks to these mixtures, amino acid deficiencies can be supplemented to obtain a more complete protein for muscle construction and development. Vegetable proteins can be eaten as a snack between meals and at bedtime. They are digested within 4 to 6 hours. These food supplements are perfect for vegetarians and people with lactose intolerance.

Eating protein powder

To consume a protein powder, it is usually mixed with water or vegetable milk, but without making lumps. It should not be mixed with cow's milk as this will slow down the protein assimilation process. In addition, by doing this, we will increase its sugar and lactose content. Ideally, the protein powder is consumed when you get up, before and after weight training sessions. Mixing whey with just water is an alternative, but you can also add other foods or supplements of your choice to make it much more effective. For example, many athletes prefer vegetable milk with their protein shake. In fact, milk has a better taste and texture. They do not have to make more complex recipes because milk can already provide all the complementary nutrients with the protein and thus enhance its taste at the same time.
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