Find an eyelash and eyebrow professional in Paris

The beauty of the eyes goes through well-defined eyebrows as well as thick and curved eyelashes. Thanks to the eyebrow bar concept, you have the possibility to try all the treatments related to the beauty of your eyes.

Turn to a professional eyelash and eyebrow bar

In recent years, the concept of "beauty bar" has been developing more and more in the French capital. Some of them stand out for their specialized eyebrow and eyelash services. The support of professional beauticians is one of the advantages of this type of establishment. These specialists will know exactly what to do to sublimate you. The techniques used to care for eyelashes and eyebrows are continuously improving in order to give optimal quality of service. In addition, the products used are carefully selected to avoid any risk of allergy.

How to find your professional?

Faced with the large number of institutes and professionals in the field of aesthetics, it is not easy to choose. The first method to find a reliable beautician will be to ask for recommendations from those around you. A colleague has beautiful eyebrows that you envy her. Feel free to compliment her and ask her for her address. You can also go on the Internet and find an establishment with a simple Google search. Choose establishments that are well rated by customers, but also those that demonstrate the highest level of professionalism. The Bar à Regard is therefore an essential address for those who are in the Paris region looking for beauticians specialized in eye care. Social networks are also a trick that will help you find a professional to make yourself look beautiful. It is important to turn to specialists to prevent your beauty session from turning sour.

Professional tips for beautiful eyelashes and eyebrows

Taking care of your eyebrows has become a very important step in your daily beauty routine for many people. Nevertheless, many of them still do not master the tricks to have dream eyebrows. Therefore, care adapted to the restructuring of your eyebrows is provided by professionals. However, here are some tips for taking care of your eyes yourself: - Start by tweezing your eyebrows with thread or tweezers. This is a method of shaping your eyebrows to match your face. - For pigmentation problems, eyebrow dyeing is the right solution. It consists in dyeing the hair for a natural effect while deep down at the eyebrow line. And this for a period of 3 to 4 weeks. - Thanks to the raising of the eyelashes, your eyes will appear longer, your eyelashes will be thicker and curved. It is done thanks to a silicone shape application around your eyes to which your eyelashes will be attached. A 30-minute exposure time, and you will get curved eyelashes that will give the impression of a deeper look. - Do you dream of having well-filled eyelashes? Eyelash extensions will help to achieve this result. In addition, many formulas are available to meet your needs, from natural effect extensions to the most extravagant.  
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