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The art of eyelash extension initiation can be learned by following a special training, that of eyelash to eyelash training. During these sessions, experienced trainers learn the basics of eyelash to eyelash extension practice. Thanks to eyelash by eyelash training, learners will be able to enrich the eyes of clients by performing different lengths, curves and thicknesses at the eyelash level. The eyelash to eyelash extension guarantees a natural effect by transforming looks with longer and thicker lashes.

Learn a revolutionary technique with eyelash extension training

By following a professional eyelash extension training, trainees learn to master an eyelash extension technique to enlarge the eyes. This technique consists of applying false eyelashes one by one to each eyelash on the upper part of the eye. This practice consists of applying polyester filaments bonded one by one to natural eyelashes. To fix naturally, use a special glue containing medical cyanoacrylate. After eyelash by eyelash training, the eyelash density of the eyes can be lengthened and intensified. This allows you to produce a more accentuated look and a younger look. During the eyelash to eyelash extension training sessions, a trainer explains all the theoretical concepts and the trainees will be able to train in a real situation. With the eyelash to eyelash extension, clients will no longer need to wear makeup because by enlarging the eyes, the lashes appear thicker, longer and thicker. Many people who use eyelash extensions are loyal to the quality of the service. To preserve the fullness of the false eyelashes, a filling should be done every 3 to 4 weeks. By applying false eyelashes, the extensions eventually fall off at the same time as the renewal of the natural eyelashes. For more information on learning eyelash extension.

Examples of eyelash extension formation

During a complete eyelash to eyelash training program, trainees benefit from theoretical courses and practical sessions. During the theoretical courses, the trainees learn about health and safety related to the profession, the composition and particularities of natural eyelashes, indications, contraindications and different types of eyelash extensions. Theoretical training also includes the presentation of the material, the method of extension application and different techniques for lengthening eyelashes. To benefit from a complete training, the theoretical course also includes the filling and removal of extension. The technique of conservation and maintenance of products, precautions and maintenance advice for the customer are also part of the course content. As for the practical sessions, the apprentices will be able to learn about hygiene, do exercises to receive, install and prepare the client. The training also teaches the trained people to identify client needs, understand the techniques for selecting products and make a diagnosis. The practical exercises are also based on the preparation of the natural eyelash before application, the isolation of the eyelashes, and the handling of materials and products. Trainees will master some techniques to make the installation durable.

Different types of eyelash extension formation

Benefit from 3 levels of eyelash extension training. Level 1 consists of becoming an eye stylist using the eyelash to eyelash method. Following a level 2 training course allows you to perfect your techniques and discover the method known as the Russian volume. By enrolling in the level 3 eyelash extension training, you benefit from advanced courses. The advantage of this training is that the sessions are accessible to all. It is indeed possible to follow an eyelash by eyelash training even if you do not have a degree in aesthetics. Learning to master eyelash extension is aimed at people undergoing professional retraining or who have an institute and wish to expand their services.
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