What ideas for an original and unique tattoo?

Tattoos are an art! And today, it is attracting more and more people. So, any reason is good to get a tattoo. This can be done to memorize an important event in his life, to declare his love or simply out of pure passion for tattooing. But whether you are a novice or a veteran, it is not necessarily easy to find an original tattoo idea. Here are some ideas to get inspired from!

What original tattoo ideas for women?

Even if there are no gender-specific styles and designs, most women tend to choose the same type of tattoo. For example, the timeless flower tattoo is quite feminine. Tattooing a flower, plant or tree is quite rich in meaning. The minimalist tattoo is also still popular with women. Fine, small and refined, this type of tattoo continues to seduce with its discretion. Another original tattoo idea is the drawing of geometric patterns, which has been very popular lately. The faces of animals are also very interesting. The motifs of feathers, arrows, birds, or quotations can also be drawn in a very original way. Feel free to turn to professional artists, such as at the Black blade tattoo parlour.

What original tattoo ideas for men?

Men generally let themselves be seduced by tribal tattoos. This choice is justified by their bold and fierce black features that give them a very masculine look, but also because they have a very spiritual meaning. In addition, even if they are a classic among men, animal designs can represent an original tattoo. Some popular options are birds, tigers, wolves, elephants, lions and mythical creatures such as dragons and phoenixes. Among the classic designs that can be uniquely designed are skull tattoos, Roman numerals and crosses. In addition, as with women, the versatile arrow and feather patterns also attract men, thanks to their simplicity and elegance.

What unique tattoo ideas for couples?

Couples generally choose matching tattoos. A timeless is that of the heart motif. It can be an original tattoo, depending on how it is drawn. Tattooed wedding rings are also in vogue. The Split tattoo is also very popular with couples. It is a unique design cut in two pieces. The two parts can be placed either on two body parts or on two different people. Water tattoos are also returning to fashion among couples. In this style, we find the motifs of classic sailors, anchors or boats.

What trendy tattoo ideas?

Among the trendy tattoos, it is impossible to miss the geometric patterns and minimalist style that are currently all the rage. The original watercolour tattoo is also very trendy. We do not forget the new big trend of animal tattooing which is to get your own pet tattooed for a unique result. In addition, the "old school" is making a comeback with its very colourful looks. On the other hand, new trends are emerging such as the 3D tattoo, the so-called "new school" ink age, inspired by science fiction, comics and video games, or the "blackout", which can reach 98% black coverage. Small symbols and writing on the face and ears are also very trendy. More original tattoo ideas here.
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