Saturday, April 17, 2010

Todays thoughts...change isn't always better!

I'm all for keeping things fresh, and modern, but a couple of weeks ago, I got the not so bright idea that going from a life long brunette to a platinum blonde would be an absolutely genius idea...WRONG! Talk about a BIG MISTAKE.... I loved the color; just not on me! When will I ever learn??? (Big Sigh); anyway, I tried it for a week and a half and I felt (and looked, trust me) like a desperate housewife from Pasadena...Let's just say that was Definitely NOT the result I was aiming for when I imagined having fabulously glamorous blonde hair! Sooo, coming to the realization that I was not born to be a blonde (so sad :-(); I spent 5 hours at the hair salon today dying it back to it's natural chocolate brown shade. I am now feeling like myself again, although much chagrined, exhausted, and really wondering what on earth was I thinking? (I obviously wasn't), and WHY I put my poor hair through such torture. I have learned that I really need to stop (cue music) and "wait a minute", before listening to that overly gleeful (and annoying) inner voice telling me to "try something new"! Sometimes doing less (at least in my case) really is more. Something to think about... :-)

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